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The Boomerang

Whistle-Stop Tour

of Downtown Brattleboro

Here’s our tour of Downtown Bratt, based on what Boomerang customers tell us they love most...



The best thing about visiting Downtown Brattleboro is that as soon as you make it to Main Street, everything from food to drinks to shopping to art is within a three-or-so-block stroll. Just take Exit 2 off I-91 turn left, and you'll hit Main Street in 1.3 miles.

First things first: Parking. Use the lot on High Street, right next to

Hermit Thrush Brewery.

First stop: fuel up at every townie’s coffee go-to, Mocha Joes. Like everything in downtown B-boro, you can’t miss it. But if you take your coffee a little more seriously, consider a visit to the Patio Coffee cart, for what many connoisseurs argue is the best cup in town. It’s hidden in plain sight a few steps from Main Street, and also sells some exquisite baked things too (the donuts, available only on Thursday mornings and sold out by noon, have a cult following).

Boomerang Brattleboro Tour of Downtown Brattleboro
Cool places in Downtown Brattleboro
Coolest places in Downtown Brattleboro

FOOD: If you happen to land downtown on a Sunday, there are two excellent options for brunch: A Vermont Table  and Echo, (don't overlook their dinner & bar menus either). For coffee and a quicker bite, Amy’s Bakery serves sweet and savory, but the options don’t end there: don't miss Yalla for the best falafel & hummus this side of the Atlantic (trust us on this), or Superfresh Café for an ambitious, creative, tasty, plant-based gluten and dairy-free menu. Whetstone's burger bar and nano-brewery will satisfy (their pub chips are dangerously addictive) and their fries slay. The menu at River Garden Marketplace changes each month, and they've got enough choices on their craft beer bar menu to keep you busy for the rest of the week. For dinner, Kip's is a no-fail local favorite (get there early or expect a short wait) with nightly specials, and Peter Haven's Oyster Bar is an always-excellent option for seafood & cocktails. And there are some good reasons why Vermonters eat ice cream even through our frigid winter months. One of them is Blueberry Haus: homemade and served on fresh cones. And if you're here May-September, be sure to hit the Brattleboro Farmer’s Market (there's a Winter Market too), just a mile-and-a-half west of Downtown.

Tour of Downtown Brattleboro Boomerang Vermont
Boomerang Tour of Downtown Brattleboro
Yalla Vermont, Best Places to Eat in Downtown Brattleboro
Superfresh Cafe best plant based restaurants Brattleboro
Echo Food and Drink best places to eat in Downtown Brattleboro

SHOPPING: Boomerang of course, but don’t let that keep you from visiting B-boro’s other great stores like Cara Wolff Designs, Penelope Wurr, Altiplano, and the could-easily-spend-a-day-in-here Brattleboro Books. Don't miss Turn it Up!, for vinyl, VerdigrisDistinctive Décor and Twice Upon a Time for the best vintage & antique home accessories and furniture, and 3-Ring Traveling Apothecary for creative handmade bath & body, teas, art, oddities and surprises (it's must-visit!).

Best bookstore Downtown Brattleboro
Music and record stores Downtown Brattleboro

ART: aficionados of all stripes and sensibilities will find at least one cool thing that inspires and delights from the visionaries at Gallery in the Woods, arguably one of the best in Vermont. Mitchell-Giddings offers fine art and craft just a few yards up the street in their spacious gallery, and you’ll find an intersection of sensibilities a block-and-a-half away at the Harmony Collective. Our historic train station-turned museum, the BMAC, is always up to something worth experiencing.

Best art museum Downtown Brattleboro

DRINK: Yes, it’s true, Vermont has more cows than people, and we have more breweries than cows. Right downtown we have River Garden Marketplace (they serve a small-bites menu too), and, if you want a heftier meal with a river view, Whetstone won’t disappoint.

Best beer and shopping Downtown Brattleboro
Best places to eat Downtown Brattleboro

Need a bag of road snacks for the next leg of your journey or need to stock the fridge of your Airbnb? Easy: The Brattleboro Food Co-op. And if a burrito the size of your head is just the kind of grab-and-go you need for that final hour or two of your drive, head north on Main Street to Putney road and pay a visit to Tito’s.

Boomerang Brattleboro Tour of Downtown Brattleboro
Top sites in Downtown Brattleboro

ENTERTAINMENT: Have the time to hit a show? For live music and beyond, check the event listings for Epsilon Spires and The Stone Church. And if you want a drink first, head to Echo, the bar at Vermont Table, Kip's, or The Collective. Movie night? Check the marquee for what’s playing at the Latchis, the jewel in the crown of downtown B-boro, and see something in the main auditorium if you can (real butter on the popcorn, btw). If you can’t, put it on your list for next time.

And there will be a next time.

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